Real Savannah Food

Despite the excellent Japanese, Mexican, African, Caribbean, Chinese, Indian and Italian restaurants in Savannah, Georgia, its fresh seafood or home cooked southern food gives tourists a true taste of the city. If you prefer a restaurant that is located on the water or in the historic district, Savannah is the place to go. With different environments and settings, families, friends, and couples have a variety of cuisines to choose from.

Savannah is home to great southern foods. There are the basic southern restaurants where dress code is casual and you will find a nice plate of fried chicken with corn bread and macaroni and cheese or there are the more upscale southern restaurants where something nicer than jeans and t shirts are recommended and the plates are more sophisticated. However, whichever you decide will not be a mistake. All of the southern food restaurants here in Savannah are satisfying and well worth the prices asked.

            Savannah also is known for its fresh seafood. Located right on the river, River Street offers a handful of seafood restaurants all in one location! But, that is not the only location. There are restaurants located on Tybee Island, Wilmington Island, Midtown, and on the Southside that also offer fresh and tasty seafood. With easy access to the water, the restaurants in Savannah offer everything from fried shrimp to yellow fin ahi and tilapia.

The southern and seafood restaurants in Savannah are not just cost-friendly and delicious. They are located on the Savannah River, Tybee Island, or in some of the many historic buildings of downtown Savannah. They provide a comfortable and relaxing environment that people of all ages can enjoy. When the weather is warm, outdoor areas are also available which will complete your experience of Savannah.

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