Savannah Environment

Savannah, Georgia has much to offer in terms of environmental tourism. Located in the Southeastern portion of the country, Georgia experiences not only a warmer climate, but also diversified seasons. Savannah is no exception to this! With only a 30-minute drive from Tybee Island beach, Savannah offers the nature enthusiast many varied landscapes. When one is downtown, one’s attention is immediately drawn to the Spanish moss that drapes from the trees. It is usually one of Savannah’s most defining features combined with its colonial architecture. One of the best sites to visit to take in the Spanish moss is Bonaventure Cemetery located just outside of Downtown Savannah. Bonaventure is full of historic tombstones, lanes lined with tall trees, and a marsh view. You can take a picnic and eat by the water!

Speaking of water, the marsh surrounds Savannah. Full of tall grass and wildlife, it is considered to be one of Savannah’s treasures. Whether you are driving around the outskirts of Savannah or heading to Tybee Island, the marsh is a great spot for a nature enthusiast to stop and watch! Marshes are a major shellfish nursery for the Atlantic coast.

If you are looking for tours or activities such as kayaking and dolphin check out Caroline Coast Activities. They have a page dedicated to Savannah and Tybee Island Nature tours! (

One last recommendation for nature buffs is Wormsloe Historic Site. Best known for its mile-long alley of oaks, one can view the tabby ruins, the cemetery plot of Noble Jones, or for the more rugged adventure, travel the 5-mile nature trails full of local plants and wildlife, too! Not only is there a colonial life area with people reenacting life of the colonial period, there is a picnic area for that afternoon outdoor lunch!

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