Factor’s Walk

Factor’s Walk is an area in downtown Savannah which includes: a series of buildings, warehouses, loading docks, shops, restaurants, and walkways.  More specifically, Factor’s Walk is situated in the northern edge of the Savannah historic district.  It is located on a bluff just above the Savannah River, and is between River Street and nearby Bay Street.  The first buildings of Factor’s Walk were originally implemented in the city of Savannah in 1817, for the sole purpose of the engagement in the Cotton Exchange.  The bluff above the river posed a problem for the people involved in the cotton industry, so warehouses were built to ease this transition.  The warehouses that were built were usually three or four stories high.  The cotton was received and processed in the lower floors, and the business was generally handled in the upper floors near the top of the bluff.  As the cotton industry continued to grow and led more merchants and businessmen into the city, the different levels of the warehouses became a series of buildings interconnected by bridges and walkways.  These different “levels,” are where the men involved in the cotton industry worked, and thus came the naming of this area Factor’s Walk.  Factor’s Walk was a commercial center for not solely the city of Savannah, but the entire state of Georgia for most of the nineteenth-century.  This is primarily because Savannah has been known to have played a large role in the cotton industry for over a century.
The architecture of this area is impressive.  Most of the buildings in Factor’s Walk are a type of eighteenth-century Georgian architecture.  Subsequently, many of the buildings and warehouses in Factor’s Walk are composed of red-brick.  Some of the other buildings are made of different shapes and colors of brick, which makes for an extremely striking appearance.  The streets below and throughout the Factor’s Walk area are composed of cobblestone.  Although the streets can be somewhat difficult to walk on, they are a rare attraction that can be enjoyable to see.  The walkways and bridges that were built in Factor’s Walk are also remarkable.  When you stand on one of the walkways, you are able to basically look down the entire street, and see the other walkways that were utilized to gain access to the warehouses.

Factor’s Walk is an area that one may find remarkable for the architecture and history present there.  Today, this area hosts much more than the original buildings, warehouses, and walkways that were built in the beginning stages of Factor’s Walk.  Now, there are many different shops, restaurants, monuments, bars, antique stores, and art galleries that are located within Factor’s Walk.

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