Music in Savannah

Savannah has an ever-expanding music scene. Georgia itself is home to many of America’s well-known musicians. While the music scene is largely centered near the clubs and bars of downtown Savannah, the City of Savannah promotes and sponsors public music events and festivals that are year round. Currently the Savannah Music Festival, which begins on March 20 and ends April 5, is one of the largest music festivals in Georgia and the Southeast region. Local artists and International artists come together on this one and bring fifteen days of musical variety to the ears of listeners. This event probably has nearly one hundred venues and tickets are sold in relation to each individual event. Past performers include the likes of James Brown, Béla Fleck, and Zakir Hussein.
Other music events that occur in Savannah include the Savannah Jazz Festival. This annual event will fall between the days of September 21 through the 27th. Local and national Jazz artists take part in this celebration of Jazz culture. Like the Savannah Music Festival, the jazz festival has different musicians playing at different locations throughout Historic Savannah and Forsyth Park.
The Savannah Folk Music Festival is a relatively small event with much to offer. This concert takes place at Grayson Stadium at Daffin Park, located at the intersection of Victory Drive and Bee Road in mid-town Savannah. This event brings folk musicians together from around the low country to perform on a Sunday afternoon in October. The admission is free.
Links to these events and artists performing at them are below.   Savannah Music Festival    Savannah Jazz Festival  Savannah Folk Music Festival

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